Struggeling to get by?

 You are working hard, just to get by every month.

You are worried about bills and unforseen events.

You dream of more, but have no idea how to get it.

You are  not alone and it might get worse.

About 40% stand to loose their job within 5 to 10 years to customer self service, AI and automation.

If you are like most, you are already living from paycheck to paycheck and have no idea how to change it.

Where does that leave you?

How will you and your family get through this?


The answer could

be starting a

micro franchise

Starting your own micro franchise business could be the answer for you.

    • You partner with a solid company and work online.
    • You receive training and coaching
    • You decide where and when to work
    • You can start making extra income and work your business up to a full time income.
    • You can work globally with no income limit

Want to know more?

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My name is Mona Christensen, and for 20 years I have helped people start their own personal franchise.

More than ever this has become an online business and more and more people need to find out what this can do for you.

I coach people to succes once they have made the decisiont to start and I love what I do.

    These are some of the things i can help with