Are you tired of living a life as a slave to your salary?

Are you dreaming of building an online business that means that you can work whenever you want, whereever you want? Do you want to start changing your life but don’t know where to begin? My mission is to help you.


I´m Mona Christensen

I´m 50 years old, online entrepreneur and network marketing professional.

I have worked as a coach for 19 years, in network marketing for 18 years, and been an online entrepreneur for 6 years.

My personal mission is to help people to financial freedom.

Maybe you will be one of them?


These are some of the things i can help with

are you already in network marketing?

If you are you in network marketing, I have all the tools and tricks you need to become at top earner in your company.

I can help you set it up to create results, so you don´t have to bother your friends and family anymore, but can create leads and sales online.