Well, let me put it this way…. You see all the top earners and the fast builders? They have a mailing list.

If you had a mailing list of 5,000 people with interest in network marketing and online business, do you think that would help you?

Yes, of course… You can´t buy a mailing list, but you can start building it fairly simple and easy, but remember that it will take some time, and some effort to do it.

This is where the landing page comes in. It can also be called an optin page, a squeeze page or a funnel.

The idea is to generate traffic to this page, and offer visitors something if they give their email adress. You must have seen them “Get my free e-book”  “Get my free training”, a.s.o. –  heck I use it too. So we trade an email adress for something… It can be a free webinar, and e-book, som training or what ever has value for your audience. This is the way to build a mailinglist.

Because it helps build a relation to people and to gain trust and credit with them. remember, people join people, but if they don´t even know you, how will they trust you or even join you. So mails are a way of getting to people to know you and what you have to offer.

A mailinglist is a way for people to get to know you and for you to remind them of yourself and you offers of free tips, training, teaching or whatever you have for them.

I use several different mailingslist, with autoresponders. An autoresponder, means that I can programme different mails to be sent to people on times that I specify. I f.eks. have a landingpage for people odering product samples, and when they enter their name and adress on a page, the info automatically goes into my autoreponder in MailChimp and MailChimp runs a series of mails according to my wishes, and I don´t have to think to much about following up, because the autoresponder sends out 8 mails after they have ordered the product samples.

Mailinglist and autoresponders

I recommend MailChimp, since you can start and build up for free to begin with and not pay until you have reached a certain amount of people on your mailinglist.

You can have several different mailingslists ind here and create visually creative mails from this site



Optin pages

I also use Cclick funnels to create my optin pages, since they have some really greattraining on ho to use optin pages for al sorts ofthing and it is very simple to create som really neat looking optin pages. I even help my downline to create their first optin pages to get started, until they are ready to do it all by them selfes…


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