What a beauty. Instagram is all about pictures and inspiration. It´s big all over the world and it´s very simple to get exposure for you. Many people try Instagram for business purposes, and don´t get a lot of success, and maybe you have tired it to, and didn´t get much respons. That´s simply because you don´t understand it well enough.

Instagram is perfect for attraction marketing, which means that you should never try to sell anything on your profile. You should promote what ever content you might have. You could use “lifestyle marketing” which means that you are promoting a lifestyle. A lot of people think that lifestyle marketing is about fast cars and big houses, and think that they can´t use it because they are not at that place yet. But lifestyle marketing can also be time with your kids, travelling, health, interior or whatever your passion is in your lifestyle. This should be the main focus on your profile.

You should be clear about what you are promoting. In network marketing, most people have a choice of promoting the business opportunity or/and the products. Try to have a main focus on your page. If you are trying to promote both the products and the business opportunity, you might end up failing on both. Not to say that it can´t be done, but marketing is always best if your target group is very specific.

So if you have a health product to promote, you need to create a profile that offers inspiration to your audience and not try to sell them anything on the Instagram page. Show good looking pictures that together on your profile makes a collage that is inspirational for your audience and represents your passion.


Buy a domaine name that is inviting and represents the passion or a name with a call to action, f.eks. www.startlivinghealthy.now or maybe your own name if your are working on branding yourself. If you are serious about your business, you will buy that domaine name and not just a bitly link or any other shortened link. And don`t just put the link for your company. What you are doing here is to build a relationship with people and take then through a process of trusting you. If people to early feel that you just want to sell them something they will not trust you or follow you.

Where should the link go?

You can have a blog, a one page or even a optin page. Here you can explain more, and you can even get their mail adress for future sell. You will get tons of traffic of people who are not ready to buy yet, so why not get their email so build trust and sell later on when people are ready. On that page you are also able to put in pixels, to retarget ads on Facebook for later use. This is how you get people to see you again and again.

Instragram should be the first step of getting an audience that you later can sell to. Don´t try to sell to soon.



Hashtags are crucial on Instagram. Use them wisely. Research a little on which hashtags are used with your audience. Some of them, you won´t be able to guess. If you f.eks. are trying to target people interested in health, you can find that #fitfam has 950.177 posts while #fitfamuk has 725.699 posts, that means that this is a very common hashtag and that you can use this hashtag to target people with interest in fitness in the UK.  Don´t use to narrow hashtags and don use to common hashtags. #amazing has 184.843.180 posts, which means that it is to common and you will very easily drown in the stream of posts. Don´t use the “follow-sucker” hashtags, like #followme or #followforfollow. These are not relevant for your target group and although you may get followers, it´s not the kind you want, and you can very easily seem like you are not serious and you can loose respect. Use good relevant hashtags with more that 10.000 posts and under 1.000.000. You can use maximum 30 hashtags on each post and if you use more that that your whole text on the picture will disappear and you wont have any! A lot of places it is said that 11-15 hashtags are the most effective.


Get followers

Well, no good having a great Instagram profile with no followers. This is where the patience comes in. The instagram rules won´t let you follow unlimited amounts of people, BUT you can follow up to 7000 people, not just at once. The best way to get followers is to follow other people and engage with them. Comment on their post and like pictures from your target group. Some of them will follow and some won´t, but a lot of the people you follow will at least take a look and might follow back if they want to keep you as a follower or find you interesting. When they follow you, your posts will show up on their timeline.


So a great way to build your account on Instagram is to post a picture,



Some dont´s on Instagram:

  • Don´t post more that one picture an hour.
  • Don´t go after followers that are not of interesseret to you, just to gain followers
  • Don´t post pictures of your product
  • Don´t EVER mention “join my team”


You can´t build your Instagram overnight



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