what is micro franchise

I teach and train people who wants more in life. More timefreedom, more flexabilty in their life, more time time with their kids, more choices and more power.

I am part of a team who helps people make af business online from home. We are looking to help more people.

We are basicly looking for 3 types of people:

– People who want to make a little extra every month by recommending quality products in the fields wellness/beauty/fitness/weigthmanagement/daily care

 – People who are looking to replace their existing job, with at homebased business over time by coaching, teaching and mentoring other people. (No experience necesaary, all training will be provided)

 – Leaders who are looking to build long term residual income and wan´t the luxury lifestyle with a solid company to pay them for their skills and skils.

We are working with a 40 year old company that is open in 160 markets around the world. The company allreday has proven it´s worth in helping people to financial freedom for thousands of people.

We provide all the necessary training and 

Starterpackage :

  •  Unlimited mentorship, market price 300 usd pr hour online 1-3 people
  • Free global license to a 45 year old US proven koncept
  • Opportunity to build you business in + 160 countries
  • Products for own use value 550 usd
  • Free online shop with dropship direct to end consumer.
  • Free soft copy marketing material.
  • Free book of how start your new business
  • Normal price is 800 usd including 1 hour mentorship


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