Social proof

Social Proof is the term that is used to for the people to be able to see that you actually do know what you are talking about. If you have a fake profile on Facebook and have no friends added and there are no posts on you timeline your social proof is not there… “Who is this person? He must be fake to since he is using a profile that is not personal, and therefore I don´t want to trust him…”

The different social media platforms have different ways of social proof, so here are som ways to build social proof on some of the most common platforms.


Your bio –  I saw one distributor in a network company who in her bio wrote her education as “not a damn thing”, well, that might very well be true, but why write that? You bio is like an ultra short CV, så make sure it looks good.

Friends – Having a lot of friends are of course a way of showing social proof, but if it is obvious that the friends you have are just random people that are not concurrent with your image, it looks bad. If these people are not engaging with you on your wall, they can´t really be friends, can they? You need to build your friends list with real people that are likeminded and maybe even people of high status in your field. Let´s exagerate… If you are talking about financial freedom and you are friends with Anthony Robbins, Warrant Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki and Napoleon Hill… Do you think that that would give you some credit… ? Off course. Seek to interact and become Facebook friends with people that are influential if possible. But go after what is possible. Become with people that could be partners in your compnay or know something about your proffesion. Seek to engage with people before you send them af friend request. And interact with your friends regularly so that the they are enclined to interact with you on your wall.

Your wall – You should definately be very aware of what you put on your wall. This where people check you out and get an impression on who you are. Are you fun, friendly, lovable, passionate, engaged or what. I have unfriended people that I really respected professionally because of political differences. When I get posts on my timeline that are radically against what I believe in, I feel I must undfriend them. We could have been friends for many years, had they not postet ´political things. Does that mean that you can´t post anything political or religious. For me it means that you should be carefull about what you use your profile fore, and if you are in doubt, you should start making friendslists, so you can differentiate between your different kinds of friends. You can make a list for your personal friends, your international friends, your potential parnets and so on, and make sure that when you post, that you choose the right audience. The same thing with your public profile. If you only post for friends, then people that are not friends with you won´t be able to see what you post. Make sure that your profile looks good for people that are not your friends. This is where people look when they decide if they want to become friends with you.


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