What is content marketing?

Well, to put it very simple you send out content on social media a blog or somewhere else that has content that has value to your target audience.

This very blog is actually an example of content marketing. I learn something, I use it and I pass it on to my audience. Hopefully it has value for them and they will trust me to advice them and move closer to me for business.

You can position yourself as an expert by using content marketing. You can build an audience with content marketing and you can brand yourself personally with content marketing. People will more likely share your name and your content if they find that it has value to them and maybe also to their friends.

Yes, it takes time, yes, you will need to take it serious, but invest a year or two on a Facebook page, a blog or where ever you find it appropriate to get the attention of your target audience and you will se that people will react to you very differently.

When you look around social media, you will find tons of content marketing. It can be a food company that shares recipes with their ingredients or a video editing company that shares tips for great video recordings.

In network marketing sharing training or recruiting tips is a great way to work on your personal branding and position yourself as a leader and a trustworthy sponsor.

Content marketing can be used seperately or as a part of a strategy with attraction marketing to make people come to you. And who wouldn´t want interested people to contact them instead of chasing after people.




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